We combine more than 30+ years of expertise, with sophisticated, state-of-the-art proprietary scoring models that are built upon advanced analytic techniques and a world class suite of software products, in order to help our clients achieve their goals. These are the three cornerstones of our strategy.

Using a structured methodology, we are able to speed up the entire interactive modeling and validation process to deliver smarter, faster and more consistent solutions. CBD has now started incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to further enhance their modeling process. The development process includes a Situation Analysis meeting to discuss the requirements and needs, data gathering, data analysis - that includes calculation of over 500 variables from bureau reports and analyzing the performance of the portfolio, doing a Preliminary Statistical Analysis - where about 500+ variables are calculated and ranked, doing a Multiple System Analysis to see if additional models will provide a significant lift in decision-making, developing the models and finally, implementing them into the CBD software that can be accessed through any Loan Origination Software, or CBD software.