DecisionStation Software

Application processing, Credit Evaluation and Scoring System

CBD's web-based software modules, simple in their usage yet comprehensive and versatile in their ability to satisfy your data capturing and credit evaluation/decision-making needs. They provide application processing and bureau report-pulling for auto, retail and mortgage, collections and behavioral record analysis platform(s) with import/export. They can integrate with most of the legacy platforms, incorporate any scoring model (custom built or generic) and retrieve a credit bureau report from the bureau of your choice.

It does not require any additional hardware and the per-click fee based pricing is meant to give you an edge in the market and not a dent in your pocket. The process goes through a full process of Capturing, Evaluating, Decisioning and Closing of a loan application. It produces letters, closing documents and user-defined reports. Once installed in your business, it will:

  • Automate and Standardize the process used for capturing and evaluating applicants seeking financing.
  • Use the scoring model especially designed for you to make decisions far more accurately and quickly. (It will also allow you to key in your own scoring model and will allow you to make changes and modifications to the models).
  • Link up with your legacy Databases, Accounting systems and with Credit Bureau Agencies to speed up lending process and give you complete control over progress of the applications.
  • Give you advanced tools like defining security levels, offering insurance to clients, generating contracts, calculating interests and payments, obtaining applicants historical information, checking on applicant's progress etc.
  • Print letters, loan documents, performance and other analytical reports.

It has the following modules:

  • Control Panel Section to define all your policies and rules and other preferences. Clients are able to set up users, passwords, authority levels, branches, types of loans, screen flows, auto-select, auto-reject and overriding parameters, scoring models, etc.
  • Application Capture section having capture screens based on product that match clients paper applications. Comprehensive tool-tip helps and on all data-entry fields, easy navigation buttons, substantial visual aids and validation features.
  • Data gateway and retrieval to provide access to internal legacy systems (AR) for data retrieval and access to external data sources such as credit bureaus, fraud databases, etc.
  • Data evaluation, scoring and rule processing based on customer choice, provision of looking at various ratios like debt-to-income, disposable income etc., provision of flags and indicators to aid evaluation, Search by various definable criteria, view score, tiers, logs, bureau report, etc. and many other features
  • Decision-making and Closing including generating Letters, Loan Documents including contracts and Analytical Reports.
  • CBD's Server based software is integrated with many third-party loan origination systems like, TCI, DEFI, CARLETON, GOLDPOINT, CMSI, LAUNCHER, and many others. It is also integrated with MICROBILT for pulling Alternative data on applicants. It not only provides credit scoring but can also be used for Pricing the deals using additional scorecards or algorithms that take into account all the deal variables and parameters. Many of our clients are using this two-phased decision-making flow.