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CBD CREDIT is a leading decision management solutions company, headquartered in Princeton, NJ. We have worked for companies like, American Express, Bank of New York, Citibank, Tidewater, Mercedes Benz, C & F Auto Finance, Cornwell Tools, SAFCO, Zales Jewelers, Capital bank, Yamaha, Nationwide Auto, Pelican Auto, Verizon, and hundreds of other large and small auto financiers, banks, credit unions, department stores, insurance companies, jewelry stores, telecom and other utility companies around the world, to optimize returns on their credit portfolios through our custom built empirical and behavioral scoring models. We help our clients to:

  • Increase their customer base without increasing risk.
  • Reduce default rates and save on credit losses.
  • Measurably lower the cost of collections.
  • Provide consistency in lending.

Placed among the Who’s Who in Consumer Scoring by Credits & Collections World, CBD is one of the leading companies in the world, with the expertise to develop custom models for scoring both individuals and businesses.

Dr. Pat Nanda, the Founder of CBD CREDIT, is a globally recognized authority in the field of credit. Thirty years ago, he saw an opportunity in the credit industry which was, at that time, using primitive tools to assess the credit worthiness of loan applicants. He observed frequent instances of inconsistent lending rules at different levels within an organization; major Banks going into foreclosure due to bad loans; insufficient and inefficient lending tools; and a high number of incidents of impartial lending practices.

Dr. Nanda recognized that a lender’s profitability could be measurably improved by using statistical modeling techniques, and that led him to form CBD. CBD CREDIT is a credit scoring, risk assessment, modeling and consulting company. The company develops statistical models with applications in the areas of new account evaluation, tracking the behavior of existing accounts, and prioritization of collection activity.

With changes in the business environment, increased delinquencies, advancements in technology, and the changing demographics of consumers and businesses, CBD has evolved into a leading provider of credit scoring models, consulting and software solutions to the global credit industry. CBD has been specializing in Sub-prime Auto lending in the past few years. CBD has now started including Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in their development methodology to enhance their products. CBD also offers CECL compliance consulting so that lending companies can remain compliant with the new CECL requirements for
appropriate reserves to be maintained.

More About our Software: Our software can provide you with a robust and flexible Loan Origination system in a web environment. It can also integrate with other Loan Origination providers to deploy scorecards and lending rules. The software provides application capture and processing along with bureau report-pulling, custom and generic scoring, policy and rules implementation, Tier based pricing, real-time report generation, collections and behavioral record analysis platform(s) with import/export facility, and much more in a highly secured environment. The software, called ‘DecisionStation TM‘, allows you to easily implement and manage scorecards and does full loan origination processing by pulling bureau reports and allowing decision-making using scorecards and tiers.