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Industry-Specific Generic Models

We offer generic models for several industries, including

  • Retail revolving
  • Bankcard
  • Auto (leasing, sub-prime, and more)
  • Wireless phone
  • Small business equipment leasing
  • Mortgage
  • Healthcare
  • BHPH lending

Generic Point scoring models can assist credit grantors who do not have a portfolio of accounts currently on the books, or only have new portfolios without sufficient history to create a custom scoring model for credit evaluation. Based on our experience with other credit grantors, we develop a generic credit evaluation model that can be used to determine creditworthiness of new applicants in that particular industry. We can also customize a generic model to reflect the particular credit granting rules and procedures of the client. The resulting model is used as a guide until enough historical data has been collected for a statistically demonstrable, sound and empirically derived credit evaluation model based upon this history.

Smaller lenders, and those establishing a new portfolio, need generic models that can be implemented quickly and easily. With a model in place, even if it’s not being used as a decision making tool, you can

  • Relate scores to performance
  • Refine your approval process
  • Target the applicants you want
  • Control your portfolio early.