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Solicitation Models

The increased need for credit management systems has arisen from the desire to bring objectivity and consistency in making credit decisions and to automate these decisions, particularly in the light of a globally increasing volume of applications for credit. Moreover, in the United States, oversight from Federal regulators for the enforcement of Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act implies a credit grantor must be able to demonstrate that they have an empirically derived and statistically sound credit management system. In the absence of such a system, the onus of compliance is on the credit grantor which, in some instances, has led to lengthy audits of their declined applicants.

Objective systems enable the credit manager to efficiently monitor, track and benchmark their portfolios. They also facilitate the setting of strategies for authorizations, credit limit adjustments, collections, renewal decisions, as well as retention and cross-selling opportunities.

For over twenty years we have developed generic and custom credit management decision and control tools – scorecards, decision trees, and more. Our clients have implemented these models on automated systems, or used them in semi-automated or manual modes.

We design each model in accordance with your business rules and goals, and ensure that it can be implemented and used easily on your systems.