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Creative Business Decisions currently has 9 employees that work out of the main office in Princeton NJ, and various other locations in US, Canada, UK and India. As President, Pat Nanda has primary responsibility for the sales activities of the company.

Responsibility for project management is assigned to one of two vice presidents who also report directly to Dr. Nanda, keeping him informed of progress throughout the duration of the project. These senior personnel also interact with the prospective client during the initial stages of defining the scope of the project and, once the contract is signed, manage activities related to identification and collection of the data sample and the technical aspects of the project, including model development. Throughout the course of the project, Dr. Nanda will work with your management in developing strategies for using the model and one of the vice presidents will provide ongoing implementation support. All three of these senior staff members will be available to discuss any aspect of the work and use of the models r other risk-management tools throughout the duration of the project.

Key Personnel

Dr. Pat Nanda, CEO and President

Dr. Nanda received his PhD in Operations Research and Statistics from the University of Wisconsin in 1970. He also completed an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. He previously received a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Poona University, India and a BS in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Bombay, India.

He founded CBD and has successfully established the company in the world of credit. Previously, he was Director of the Credit Services Division of Mathematica Inc. In this capacity, he was responsible for both the marketing and technical development of proprietary credit scoring and behavioral scoring products, and provided technical expertise to both the Credit Services Division and the Management Sciences Division of Mathematica as senior consultant. In the seventies, Dr. Nanda was an Associate Professor of Operations Research at SyracuseUniversity where he taught several courses in Operations Research and Statistics. As a consultant to General Electric Co. he developed and tested strategy evaluation models.

A well-respected figure in the American financial services industry, Dr. Nanda is internationally acknowledged for his expertise in various aspects of credit risk and its management via statistically derived risk management tools. He is often called to give expert witness testimony on complex legal matters relating to credit.

Roger Lustig, Scoring Dept. Head

Roger has worked for CBD since 1983. He has developed many scoring and decision tree models and has provided support and consulting services to clients. Roger received his A.B. in Statistics from PrincetonUniversity in 1979, and pursued graduate studies at The University of Chicago after a year working at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ.

In recent years, he has developed scoring models for recovery, loss projection, and other purposes; designed and implemented databases and data warehouses; and designed the company’s proprietary credit-analysis report sets.

Vijay Patil, Strategic Advisor

Vijay Patil has been involved in the lending industry for the last 20+ years. He has been responsible for starting and updating lending portfolios at Mitsubishi and Yamaha. He is primarily responsible for taking the company to new horizons with his resources and knowledge and new marketing initiatives.

Harbir Ransi, CTO

Harbir Ransi has been managing all kinds of scoring and software development project for CBD for the last 20 years. He did his BS in Accounting and then completed his JD. and has worked in the banking and IT industry since 1990. He is primarily responsible for managing all aspects of client interaction and product delivery. He has been instrumental in developing the various software deployments methods used by CBD and clients.

Dirk Goldgar, Senior Software Engineer

Dirk Goldgar did his BS in Information Technology from Princeton University and has been with CBD since 2003. He is the chief developer and architect of CBD’s software products and overseas other developers in all aspects of software development.