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Credit Check Up

Every lender needs a consistent credit policy. You have one – but do your people follow it? More important, do they understand it? Your associates may have widely differing assumptions about what makes a creditworthy customer, what will serve your lending operations bottom line, and when its right to bend the rules.

Credit Check-Up-TM, our review and validation process, evaluates both, your automated and manual decision-making processes. We will:

  • Interview staff members from different departments
  • Determine what you and your colleagues believe is important to the lending process
  • Validate your scorecards
  • Examine override procedures
  • Assess the availability of key data
  • Review policies.

The results will allow you to close the gap between policy and practice, renew or replace outdated tools, and get your team pulling together.
If you don’t already have a scorecard in place, our Credit Check Up is a great first step in the development process.

Best Bureau Choice

Each of the three national consumer credit bureaus will tell you that they’re the best. But they all admit that there are a few geographic areas where they’re only, well, a close second to the others. And they base their claims on overall coverage, not on the information that’s critical to your business decisions.
CBD’s Best Bureau Choice is a comparison study methodology. Using matched reports from the three bureaus, we find the regions where each one excels at delivering what your business needs to know about an applicant.
The result? You’ll buy the right report, reduce your purchase of multiple reports, and speed up the approval process. That adds up to profitability.

Profitability Models

Which of your loans are actually making you money?
Which products, dealers, distribution channels, and branches are supplying you with the best paper. You need to know

  • How up-front and ongoing costs vary?
  • How long a loan must perform before breaking even?
  • Where and at what cost you are getting repeat business?
  • How much more volume you can add and still increase your net profit?

These are tough questions! The answers may not be available immediately, but CBD can get you on the road to finding them. Together, we’ll identify the key questions

  • Find the data that can answer them
  • Begin to construct an accurate model.

Profitability modeling is a natural application of well-constructed data warehouses. Lets take the first step toward sharpening your focus on profitability with every decision you make. We’ll design and produce those first results, and work with your users to improve them and develop data marts with the files, views, reports, and graphs they need and want.
If you prefer, CBD can wrangle your data, especially legacy data, at our site and install it on your platform when you’re ready. We can initiate the process in conjunction with a scoring project. We can also deliver analyses, reports, and more. But we do these things with an eye to making the warehouse an integral part of your company’s future.

Collection Strategy Analysis

You’ve set up a first-rate collection operation. Systems, management, training, and incentives are all in place. Now you need to find the treatment strategy for each group of delinquent accounts that will maximize returns.
Collection strategy analysis helps you set up experiments, evaluate the results, and fine-tune your timing, treatment, and outsourcing decisions.

Credit Bureau Variables

CBD can provide 500+ variables, or data points, from any of the three main bureau reports. These variables can then be used in any way by clients to make lending decisions.